Digital Marketing – The Need of the Hour

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” – Wendy Piersall, Author, Blogger and Artist

A lot of companies move at a modest pace, making magazines and brochures useful tools for staying in touch with customers and to learn new techniques and developments.

Digital marketing is slightly different from the traditional marketing! Digital marketing is defined by the use of digital channels to connect with clients where they spend much of their time: online. From email marketing, online brochures, website, social media and beyond -there's a range of tactics that fall under "digital marketing. From new advertising tools to Google algorithm changes, the digital marketing industry is very fast moving.

What does the Digital Marketer Actually do?

What does the Digital Marketer Actually do?

The digital marketer usually focuses on a different key performance indicator (KPI) for each channel so they can properly measure the company's performance across each one. Digital marketing is carried out across many marketing roles today. Digital marketing consultants are often considered a ‘jack of all trades’ because they can wear so many hats. Following are the roles and functions of a Digital Marketer:

  • They often wear multiple hats and bring different streams of work together such as analytics and web development.
  • They help the marketing team and may have specific responsibility for digital strategy or execution.
  • To be an independent voice and will work outside the traditional marketing structure.
  • To evaluate and introduce new technology.
  • They manage external suppliers.
  • Digital Marketer is a partner and not an employee, so they work in a cost effective way and delivers advice when needed.
  • They measure and analyze results of your post.
  • They are content marketing specialist.
  • They have posting schedules based on companies visual content.

Does Digital Marketing works for all businesses?

The answer is YES. It definitely works for all businesses regardless of what your business offers whether product or a service. It identifies the audience’s needs and create content based on that. But, it may vary differently for all businesses. Digital Marketing for B2B could be more on Linkedin where you meet your prospects. Digital Marketing for B2C could be different like Instagram and Pinterest could be more useful in terms of your buyers spending more time on this platform.

The Advantages attached to Digital Marketing:

It is now true that the world of marketing is changing from traditional marketing to internet marketing. Most of these changes are seen due to the benefits that come along with digital marketing. Apart from that, digital marketing is growing in popularity due to its effectiveness at engaging different clients and also it later lead them through accessible means. Through digital marketing, you can achieve your business objectives quickly. Here are the best reasons why you need to shift to digital marketing.

  • Economical: It is cost effective process. You need less resources. Just a laptop and an internet connection and you are good to go. Even if you are outsourcing, they charge you on hourly basis or based on your project work.
  • Time and Effort saving : With digital marketing, you can measure the ROI of pretty much any aspect of your marketing efforts. It saves your time by posting your content on the scheduled time and reaching mass audience with less efforts within seconds.
  • Instant Feedback : After customer response through social media, as good employers, you are obligated to respond and reply to all feedback with a good and fast. If past customers complain by phone, now they can convey through social media. However, most entrepreneurs just focus on the answer a complaint about the phone and ignoring complaints through social media. In fact, complaints on social media can be read quickly by other customers who follow social media that you undertake.
  • Real Time Analysis : One of the primary reasons why digital marketing has succeeded in surpassing the traditional marketing is the fact that it provides measurable results. When you opt for internet marketing, you can quickly get stable and reliable reports that show you how many people checked your business website. One such tool is Google analytics which gives an overview of your monthly results.
  • Impactful : One of the main objectives of business owners is to reach out to a bigger audience. Therefore, this aim or goal can be quickly achieved with if you try digital marketing. You can get access to many people by using most of the internet marketing methods.
  • Flexibility : Customers are more interested in a customized and personalized journey for satisfying their needs. Due to these facts, you will find digital marketing essential because it enables you to use your interests and preferences to reach out to your target customers. With internet marketing, you can also tailor different messages for various groups of customers, and this is the most natural way you can receive a lot of customers quickly.

Successful businesses of all shapes and sizes are already fully exploiting social media marketing as a powerful way to reach new prospects and communicate with existing clients. Your existing as well as potential clients are probably already interacting with other brands, potentially even your competition, through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. If you are not already making the most of social media, then you could be missing out big time on leveraging growth. Being authentic is crucial. You don’t have to blindly follow the trends happening here. Now, this is clear that companies can overcome challenges with clear and actionable intelligence. But you need to be aware of what’s new in this field. What companies might be doing and what may work for you.

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